Methods on planting seeds of liberty #

Method’s on waking people up to the truth.
People all over the world have an obscure perception of the things that are going on around them. We are all bombarded with distractions meant to keep you occupied and not wanting to actually look at what is happening. From sports, to movies, to mainstream media, it’s hard to pull yourself away from the disinformation and stimulus of entertainment. Nobody wants to hear about how the medical industry is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and the government has been proven to not be for the benefit of its citizenry. It all sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory right? Might as well just glaze over, avoid these topics, and stick your face in entertainment? That’s the American way in this day and age from what I see. Are we all going to end up like the humans in the movie Wall-e, fat, lazy and stupid? Is artificial intelligence like Alexa really needed in order for you to play a song, or do a Google search? Did you know, right now China is using face recognition with their street cameras to see if you’re a good credit person? If you ask me, that is insane. People need to wake up to this corporate and governmental take over. Some people actually are, and the more tyrannical these institutions become, the more people will be aware of what is happening. This is one of your selling points.
So, when talking to the average Joe, you need to first use small talk. Maybe talk about the weather, sports or something along those lines. Then you have to try and gauge if the person is at least partially intelligent. Some people will just not catch on and are dumber than a doorknob, so don’t waste your time. If you feel that the person is not dumb and can carry on a decent conversation, then it’s time to start testing the waters. The best way I have found is talking about money and debt. Everybody uses money and everybody pretty much has debt, so talk about paying bills and the rising cost of living. Get on a level with the person where you are both in agreement with what you are discussing. Now you have a opportunity to slip in some other topics. Since you were on the topic of money, maybe make a reference to the Federal Reserve and how they manipulate the stock market by inflating interest rates. Or, maybe try talking about how they are the ones who create the money, loan it to our government and banks putting immediate debt on it, and then taxing us to pay for it.
Another way that works pretty well is talking about health. People are sick and dying all over the place and the chances that this person has a friend, or family member, or themselves that has health problems is very great. Once you have the conversation going you can drop the Big Pharma bomb on them and talk about how the doctors are the drug dealers for them. Maybe get into how they need people to stay sick in order to keep the profit moving and cures can never be found in this type of environment.
Obviously these are just a few methods to get somebody’s brain turning. Always remember to take it easy on the newbies at first. Plant seeds, try to stay in contact with that person from time to time to see if they are growing too. Give them some websites to check out or some videos that touch on some of the subjects you talked about.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please comment on what you think and maybe some different methods you have used in the past. Let’s make a difference.


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    Awesome first entry. I’ll be adding to this as soon as I get some time to do so.

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