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    Auditioning can be stressful, but it’s the best way to get work in theater, film and commercials. Here are many helpful hints for Young Models when heading out for an audition.

    1) Arrive at least 15 minutes early. You do not need to have to rush into your audition. Give yourself time to find the space and warm up.

    2) Pack your bag with a book if there is waiting in conjunction with a bottle of water. Each and every place has a water feature. Be

    grace22728 to everybody.
    Samuel Caldas know if the person you are speaking to is important. There could be several people waiting with you to audition. Remember they will are competing with you for the same work. Don’t let them intimidate you.

    3) Wear neat, comfortable clothing. I know men and women to look nice, but make sure you can move around the room. And don’t wear a costume. Your outfit can suggest the character such as a high-collar blouse for a period piece, but don’t get all dressed up.

    4) Careful when using perfume or cologne. You don’t wish to send anyone from the room in a sneezing fit.

    5) Try to find some background information about who you are auditioning for. If you are auditioning for a particular company, be familiar using work. It can also help you decide which pieces to choose for use in your audition. If no information for the audition is given, keep your monologue to about a minute. Most directors can tell in that time if they are interested. Have several pieces prepared and one longer piece in case they ask to see much more.

    6) Bring clean and clearly marked sheet song. If you are auditioning for a musical, be sure the music you give the piano player is cut right down to 16 bars and cost nothing of stray marks and coffee stains. Bring at least five headshots.
    model do not no how many you have to have.

    7) Make sure your resume is firmly fastened to your headshot. If possible, photocopy or print your resume to the back of the headshot. Don’t staple it. From experience, I know that the headshots with staples get tangled in a lump. It is so much easier to access the individual sheets. Just one page is plenty.

    8) Don’t attach your press quotes unless called. Make sure your headshot/resume is no large than 8 1/2" by 11". This will wear a folder. If the headshot is oversized, it may end up in the trash.

    9) Set up the audition space for your needs. If there is a chair center stage, but you will most likely stand for your audition, ask if you can move it out of the way. Don’t try to work around it.

    10) Remember to smile. If you’re nervous, take a deep breath and attempt to relax. Recognize that you won’t get every job you audition for, but can study from every experience.

    11) When you are called in in the audition, be confident and smile and unless it is vital, avoid asking too many questions as your audition probably has a strong time slot. Definitely do not uncover you will be called back. The casting director to be able to know, that you might be sure of. If you do get called back, wear the same outfit as while having audition