Banned… Is Alex Jones the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America?

Today’s news is loaded with all kinds of goodies. From major political issues, to what’s the best food to feed your pets. But, for Alex Jones (host of Infowars) it’s all about conspiracy theories. Mr. Jones is known by half backed intellectuals as a crazy conspiracy nut job who believes that lizard people run the world and they put toxins in the water to make fish gay. His followers beg to differ. To them, he explores news and events with a conspiratorial view that makes sense. The recent controversy surrounding Alex Jones from the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting on December 14th 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut where later on he allegedly stated that the parents of the victims were crisis actors and it was a false flag has despisers of his views taking aim at free speech. Also, a Jewish family said they had to move 7 times due to the harassment of conspiracy theorists at their son’s grave when they went to visit it.
Alex Jones is one of those talk show hosts that will always have people stirred up. The reason for this is because he goes against the grain when he presents his conspiracy theories and most people seem to live in a protected bubble when it comes to politics and government, so it’s hard for them to fathom, let alone agree with, deep conspiratorial corruption at all levels of society. As long as they can glorify their lives on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram they really don’t care about important issues that actually threaten their freedoms. While Alex Jones seems like a psychopath, loud mouth, and a angry individual to some, others see him as a comical shock jock radio host who actually has some valid points. The real issue, is when he verbally attacks people in politics like Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama. These political figureheads like Bernie Sanders advocate for socialism, or all out bans on guns to one extreme or another. They have gained a following of Americans who actually believe that banning guns will stop the gun violence and socialism (or this new fangled idea of democratic socialism) will help solve the issues we face today. So, when he badgers or makes fun of these politicians, the supporters of them become violent and take action, whether it’s on social media or protesting in the streets. One must wonder what has happened to our great nation. A country that was born on a revolution of freedom and a place where hard work and American grit paved the way for the freedoms we have today. Now as society turns into a safe space, offended culture; we attack anything that isn’t in our viewpoints. Any information that goes against the establishment seems to end up being called a conspiracy theory and deemed fake news as well. Plenty of comedians, actors, talk show hosts and others spew jokes and false information all the time, but when a person like Alex Jones says that 9-11 was an inside job everybody loses their mind. Meanwhile, the History Channel has shows like “Ancient Aliens” with so-called ancient astronaut theorists who theorize on the possibility that aliens are real. So what’s the difference? We find markings on ancient pyramids and crop circles that could not have possibly been done by man, and we also find paper trails of billionaires like George Soros or the Rothschilds that show they fund both sides of wars and instigate populations to protest and riot against each other. Why is it okay to believe the History Channel, but not Alex Jones? It’s almost like critical thinking has all but vanished from the American people.
Whether you like Infowars and Alex Jones or not, doesn’t matter. The fact that big tech companies banned him from their platforms is what matters. It sets the stage for limiting what all of us can say and puts the power of persuasion into the hands of the biggest, richest people on the planet. We should be allowed to think what we want and limiting information on one side or the other is tyranny on behalf of whomever controls this form of censorship.



    Okay check this out the bottom line here is Alex Jones ——started his career with some real journalistic chops. Alex Jones ——-however lewd his remarks can be, however outlandish his claims may be on occasion, almost always (bout 90% ) brings cogent material/evidence to the table to substantiate his claims. I was especially blown away early on by the bravery and solid reporting he gave us in that scathing exposé on the BohemianGrove in the 80s90s….

    He went off the rails when he started selling his products for the zombie apocalypse.

    I mean there was one segment where he apologised in the middle of a monologue about a vitamin or some shit, acting all surprised that infowars hadn’t changed the special price back to normal after some special super secret limited deal , and he wanted me to believe him as he says stuff like IM SO SORRY FOLKS. I KNOW I SHOULDNT GET MAD. IM NOT MAD AT YOU. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT TGAT MY STAFF DROPPED THE BALL and DISNT CHANGE THE PROCE BACK, SO ILL HONOR THIS PRICE ONE MORE TIME. all this thespianism over a 50 dollar holler? He bought into his own hype, and yeezusly self-congratulated himself for being himself one time too many.


    Further, I can understand why there are ACTUAL SKEPTICS(not fucksticks like Richard Dawkins) in terms of the sincerity behind the Infowars mission and editorial choices as of late. I mean, as an individual critical thinker,I subscribe to the notion that although athere is great integral value in having a sense of community and belonging, A man is not subservient to a categorisation whether assigned by another or embraced by same man.

    There are zero redeeming qualities that can be found in lazy categorisation, insinuation, innuendo, emotionally charged dismissals, denials and red herring declarations.

    Politics is for suckers. I’m not “affected” or “victimised” or “marginalised” because of society or somebody else or a fucking adjective or a fucking idea….. institutional racism? Fuck outta here. Safe space to learn? What a fucking oxymoron. Learning lessons comes from hard knocks—-

    you are going to suffer
    if you are going to learn

    Your social life suffers if you are hitting the books to earn that physics degree. You want to be a world champ in professional boxing? Your body must suffer the pain of training and fatigue . You wanna make it show business, or Wall Street brokering, or even something seemingly tame like real estate ownership, suffering comes in many forms.

    One hopes the have suffered but not in vain, right? If they know they had all the tools and resources possible to have the best chance to conquer that shit, but still just missed it after 75 attempts before……’s nice when you can walk away with head up high with a feeling of peace that ya know what? I MADE ALL THIS SHIT, GOOD AND BAD. I’m thankful to enjoy the luxury of failing and not losing my liberty or aft long limb as payment.

    The Declaration of Independence alone carries the most weight. Celebrate and champion the freedoms that afford you the ability to make choices period…. AND ALSO—- Take your fucking lumps if you chose to trade away such rights for security or convenience or THE GREATER GOOD. Make it a lesson , then make it your mission to lift people up out the hole of despair instead of standing at the toplooking down,empathising ,advocating for their rescue, and if it comes just sit there and fish for praise and fame and validation .

    CHARITY BEGINS AG HOME, in the brain, in the family, in the neighborhood, in the county and in the 50 mile radius. No national strength ever came from atop the pecking order—-it is fostered by self reliance and inspired by example.

    PHEWWWd all yeah Alex Jones? If somebody actually cares enough about your opinion because you can actual carry on a legible dialogue, and that somebody casts a categorisation on your name, you hopefully will have the good sense to know who you REALLY ARE, WHAT IMMENSE POWER YOU HAVE with or without titles of any kind, and dismiss all horseshit ans quickly as you can.

  3. Waylon Whitson

    I’m with Cindy on this. Jones started as a solid journalist and did some amazing work on the Bohemian Club, but I think either A.) they got to him and turned him through a combination of threats or money or B.) he decided it was more profitable to run more along the lines of performance art.
    At one point, though, his show brought out some real heavyweights in the conspiracy culture. At any rate, the current climate of calling conspiracy theorists “insane” is almost certainly a psy-op to discredit those who might discover actual conspiracies. It would appear the Bohemian Club is alive and well now as people retroactively look at Jones’ precious work through the current lens of his batshit antics. Imagine that.

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